Full Year Immersive

Since the start of our nonprofit in 2014, we've hosted four Immersion Program trainees. Three of the four secured farm employment on local New York State Farms at the conclusion of their apprenticeship. 

The Immersion Program is designed for the veteran who is serious about farming, whether seeking agriculture secure employment or making the ambitious move to owning their own farm operation. Heroic Food partners with Hudson Valley farmers who seek apprentices. After passing a screening examination, Heroic Food will move forward with placing that veteran on the appropriate local farm. Farmers have challenges hiring labor. To ensure our veterans are set up for success, our program helps compensate our veteran apprentice where the farmer may fall short. Veterans have sacrificed their personal ambitions once already; it is our priority to ensure they have competitive wages during their training.

Are you a veteran who is serious about farming and would like more information on an apprenticeship program in New York State?

Email our executive director, Leora Barish, at

Are you an organic farm in New York State that is seeking farming apprentices and want to partner with us?

Email our assistant executive director, Jasmin Vazquez, at

Are you a citizen who is passionate about connecting veterans and farming opportunities? Consider building our Immersion Program with us as a monthly donor.

Education & Outreach

Heroic Food brings veterans with little to no experience farming to Hudson Valley organic farms, especially those owned and operated by farmer veterans themselves. 

Established farmers all over America need labor. Veterans need meaningful work. Connecting prospective beginner farmers with fellow veteran farmers and top tier educators in a peer supportive environment is how we fulfill our mission. Our partnerships with farms like Soukup Farms, CropPharms LLC, Indoor Organic Gardens of Poughkeepsie are lasting and prove to be valuable resources to new farmer veterans.


Every year, we coordinate with mentor farmers and institutional educators to provide a cutting edge agricultural curriculum. Our hands on workshops solidify these concepts, connecting veterans to the soil and offering them new opportunities for income earning.

Heroic Food values the true meaning of organic. Its a community that fills the needs of its neighbors, building a stronger and healthier future for all.